For Sale sign in a vintage car

Selling your car? Here's how to get the best price

If you are selling your car, the simplest tip is to make sure the car is clean inside and out, but you should also consider any damage on the car. Think about it; would you rather buy the clean and shiny car in good condition or the clean but tired looking car with a few door dings and scuffed bumpers or wheels?

One car shouts out "buy me, I've been well looked after" the other one just says "unloved"

Take a leaf out of the car dealers book - they always make sure they present their cars in the best light possible. First impressions count and dealers know that lovely looking cars sell faster and for more money. Showing a car in average condition can easily knock 15% off the sale price, maybe more, so a little investment in bringing your car up to dealer standard pays big dividends.

When you are thinking of selling your car, bring it in to us for a free pre-sales inspection. We can advise you what needs doing and where to spend your money to get the best return on that investment so you can trade up to your next car sooner.

It costs nothing to ask; call us on 01707 375 914 for help and advice