Free end of lease inspection

Don’t get caught out by unexpected charges at the end of your lease


Lots of people now lease their cars rather than buy them outright. And it makes sense, the cost of the lease is about the same as the depreciation, you don’t need a big deposit and you can return the car without worrying about the trade in value.

But you do need to be aware that if there is any damage on the car that your lease company decides is beyond “reasonable wear and tear” they will charge you for it. How do you know what you will be charged for? Most lease companies will follow the Fair Wear and Tear guide produced by the BVRLA (British vehicle renting and leasing association), but if you aren’t experienced it can be quite a struggle to work out what is and isn’t allowable.

Company fleet managers go through a process they call De-Fleeting or Re-marketing before they return a car because they can’t afford to incur unknown costs that they can’t control. It sounds complicated but it just means each car is inspected before return and a note of any damage is made. The list is compared against the BVRLA Guide to see what items are chargeable and a decision can then be made whether it is better to repair the car before return or to accept the penalty charge from the lease company.

If you have a lease car and want to avoid costly penalties, it makes sense to book a free end of lease inspection with us. Our experts will assess your car and give you a full damage report listing items that will incur a charge and those that won’t and the cost to get the damage repaired yourself so you can make an informed decision.

It costs nothing to ask; call us on 01707 375 914 to book your free inspection