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Low Cost Bumper Repairs

Car park dents, bumper scuffs and scrapes are annoying. Bumper scuffs are also among the commonest type of bodywork damage your car can suffer.

Luckily, damaged bumpers are one of the simplest car body repairs to carry out, so you can have your bumper scuff repaired quickly and probably at a lower cost than you thought. In fact, bumper scuffs are so common and straightforward to repair, we have a fixed price that covers most types of bumper damage.

As long as your bumper is just scraped or scuffed and not split, dented or got a hole in it, our bumper corner repair service is just £115 + VAT. Now there really is no reason for you to live with unsightly bumper damage that can significantly devalue your car.

Even if the damage is a bit more serious, you don't need to despair. We can still repair most damage that we come across or, as a last resort, replace the bumper if necessary. Naturally, we will inspect your car and confirm exactly what is needed to restore your car to pristine condition before we start work, so you will never get any nasty surprises. If you are unsure, pop in for some advice or just use the form below to send us a picture and get a quote.

And don't forget, like everything else we do, our bumper scuff repairs are guaranteed for life. Who said quality has to be expensive?

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All these types of bumper scuff and more can be repaired quickly and at a fixed cost. Call us on 01707 375 914 to get your bumpers back to pristine condition.

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Bumper Scuffs and Scrapes