Our Everlasting Quality Promise

Some bodyshops guarantee their work for a year, some for 3 years, I've even found a couple (why so few?) that offer a guarantee that lasts while you own the car. That last one is pretty good, so we had to work hard to beat it;

We guarantee our work for the lifetime of the car. Not just while you own it, but while it is still on the road. You can sell the car and our guarantee will transfer along with the ownership. That means that if an area of your car that we have repaired fades, cracks, blisters, bubbles, reacts or fails in any way, then we will rectify it at our expense, with no questions asked. No time limit.

Of course, we can't guarantee your car won't get damaged again and we don't guarantee other people's work and rust or fibreglass repairs, but if anything else we have done on your car looks wrong, just bring back the car to show us and we will put it right at our expense.

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