How to save your no claims discount and stop your premium increasing

If you are involved in an accident or your car has small to medium damage, you might be forgiven for thinking that a claim on your insurance is the sensible option, after all, it’s what insurance is for, right?

The average insurance premium is almost £1000

But maybe you should think again. A report in The Telegraph puts the average insurance premium at over £700 so it’s no wonder more and more people are opting for voluntary excesses on top of their standard policy excess to get a lower premium. Total excesses (the part you have to pay before your insurance kicks in) now average £500 and are even higher for young drivers.

The costs don’t stop there either. If you make a claim, even if it isn’t your fault and the costs are fully recovered by your insurance company, your premium will increase at renewal, maybe by as much as 47%*. Why? Because insurance industry statistics tell them that if you have made one claim you are more likely to make another, so they will increase your premium to reflect the perceived risk. In industry terms, the practice is called ‘loading’.

Switching insurer won’t avoid the increase

You can’t avoid the increase by switching insurers either.  You will be required to provide a 3 years claims history, and all insurers have access to something called the Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) which is a database of all claims, so they can make sure you are telling the truth.

The total cost of making a claim is higher than you think

The end result is that small claim you make will cost you your excess, increase your premiums for 3 years to come and lose you some or all of your no claims discount. Total damage to your wallet could be around £1000.

Insurer approved bodyshops aren’t a cheaper option

It’s no surprise then that canny drivers are finding out the cost of repairs before they put in a claim. But don’t just head off to the nearest insurance approved bodyshop and expect to get a saving. Those businesses are equipped to deal with any type of damage including big repairs that you do need your insurance for. Of course, this means that they have high overheads and that is reflected in the price.

AX Welwyn solve this problem by specialising in non structural body repairs and paintwork. We have much lower overheads and pass these savings on to our customers whilst being able to offer a lifetime guarantee on all repairs, something not offered anywhere else.

Put us to the test

Our aim is to give our customers a better option than making a claim. Our average repair cost is below most peoples excess and definitely lower than a comparable quote from a bodyshop. Test us – get a quote and then come and see us. We won’t ask to see the quote until we’ve given you ours.



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